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Essential Read Charlotte Mason posts by Karen Glass

These are wonderful, encouraging, helpful articles written by Karen Glass. The first one was March 20th 2017, and the others since then. I have read them all and enjoyed them, pondered them, and even re-read portions of them. Then today I saw them linked together on an AO forum thread and realized that many of you would enjoy them too, so I am posting them here as well. I appreciate Karen Glass’ contribution to the Charlotte Mason community, and especially to my attempts at self-education. She has such depth and breadth to her knowledge! 

http://www.karenglass.net/the-quote-and-the-context/ “I really do invite you to see for yourself what principles and practices Charlotte Mason considered vital—indispensable—in order to make her philosophy work. But I’ll give you a hint—there aren’t that many of them, and none of them are as specific as “have school in the morning” or “do this for history.” 

http://www.karenglass.net/some-practices…es-part-1/ “Do you know which of the 20 principles are the “new ones,” that CM added later in her life, after many, many years of experience?”

http://www.karenglass.net/some-practices…es-part-2/ “Because education is the science of relations, all the relationships in this relational method of education matter—the relationship between you and your children, and between your children as brothers and sisters, and between each child and the lovely enticing knowledge that is there for him to find in math, science, literature, art, music, and more. Bearing in mind each and every day, as a teacher, that “Education is the science of relations” will keep us mindful of what we are doing.”

http://www.karenglass.net/some-practices…es-part-3/ “We’re looking at the practices that Charlotte Mason considered important enough to make into principles. Basically, these are the practices that define what is and what is not “a Charlotte Mason education.” If your educational efforts line up with these educational practices, you can feel confident that you are giving your students a “CM” education.”

http://www.karenglass.net/some-practices…es-part-4/ “Remember that education is the science of relations? Well, narration is a relationship-building exercise. That is its very reason for existence—to create an emotional tie between a learner and knowledge.



A Fun, Unexpected Moment…

I took some time this weekend to sit down and order a couple of living book list resources.  It turned into something interesting!

I have been making a list of all the literature/living book resource books listing living books to read for all ages and topics recommended by ladies on the Simply Charlotte Mason forum.  I got our taxes back a while ago and was ordering the things that I wanted/needed for the new year.

I  was on Amazon and ordered “Who Should We Then Read?” vol 1 and  vol 2 by Jan Bloom – noticing that one dealer was BooksBloom and was located in MO.  I ordered from that dealer and thought it might be the author.  A few minutes later I received an email from the author who asked if I had noticed we are from the same town, inviting me to pickup the books at her house, and she would refund my shipping money.

I went over to her house – talk about instant gratification on order fulfillment  (lol) – and got to meet Jan Bloom…she was very gracious and interesting!  (I found another person who has a map above the kitchen table and has bookcases all over the house…literally…and I was drooling over the one bookcase full of titles I could read…all books that are recommended here and ohhhh…and how about their inventory…I volunteered to get lost in there – LOL)  She and her husband travel to the conventions and sell the OOP / living books we all want.  She generousy offered to help find my list of hard to find books if I would email it to her…how cool is that??  I no longer feel so alone in my CM venture here.

I asked if I could share her advice on obtaining these books and she was happy to agree.  I usually order from Amazon, but she recommended that I use the search engine http://used.addall.com/ to find these books. She says that it searches over 40 places, and suggested that I would find much better prices for my books.

She made my weekend! =)

Here are the recommended resource books I ordered:

Who Should We Then Read? vol 1 and vol 2 by Jan Bloom (literature)

Books Children Love to Read by Elizabeth Wilson (children’s literature)

All Through the Ages by Christina Miller (history through literature)