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Wednesday Pick Me Up #3

“We’re all at different places on the path. But we can WORK TOGETHER to help each other “PRESS FORWARD with a steadfastness in CHRIST, having PERFECT BRIGHTNESS of HOPE, and a LOVE OF GOD and of all men.”

~ Carole M. Stephens


Such sweet new traditions…

I wanted to share what a great experience we are having with our Christmas advent tree and Countdown.


I got this fabulous Scripture Advent from Chocolate on My Cranium blog.  She has some wonderful ideas and free holiday ideas that all point us back to the Savior and our relationship with him.  I printed the Scripture Advent out and have been doing the readings straight from the Bible (scripture power for sure!) and watching the recommended videos – the new Bible videos from the Church, messages from the Prophets and Apostles…gorgeous music…stories from the Friend…little crafty things that we choose to do (or not, depending on the time)…such a neat experience.

I have read about Advent trees and ornaments and thought it sounded fun, so I adapted an idea from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She has created a free 24 days of Christmas activities/advent banner that she shared with her blog followers.  I loved her ideas, but some of them were not practical for our situation (food, dad at work long hours, etc).  But I loved her banner pieces.  So – I cheated on mine.  I printed the triangles without the backs, laminated them and made them into tree ornaments.  We got a little 2 foot tree for our Advent countdown and use the ornaments in backward order to await the birth of the baby.


So what we do is take an ornament out of the container and hang it on the tree and then do the LDS advent activities.  We are loving it – no one is asking for elaborate anything this year, and I think in part it is because we are more centered on Christ. (I’m sure that throwing away all the catalogs the minute I see them has NOTHING to do with that either…LOL)


One of the Scripture Advent projects was to make a small manger and fill it with “straw” (strips of yellow paper) as we do good things and acts of service.  By Christmas Eve, we should have a nice bed of “straw” in our manger.  I didn’t actually make one of cardstock.  I simply located a small box and we are using that.  I am going to go find a sweet little baby to fit it and we will put it in the manger as we read the Christmas story found in Luke 2 on Christmas Eve.  This is another tradition that we will repeat in the years to come.


I also am reading the stories from the Christmas book my sister made me years ago. We are enjoying it – there is a scripture to read and carol to sing with each one.


We had our church’s Christmas dinner on Friday evening – we ate, played a Christmas trivia game, enjoyed the youth and primary choirs, listened to the Christmas Story from Luke 2 and sang Christmas songs. Afterward, the 3 Wisemen handed out candy canes to the kids.  It is a great time for all of us (even for an anti-large crowd person like me, lol).


I am working on collecting some wonderful, repeatably read-aloud Christmas stories to be wrapped up and placed in a box.  Every day we choose one and unwrap it – then read it.  It will always be a surprise! =)  Since we already have it, the first one I am starting with is this one: Silent Night: the Song and Its Story by Margaret Hodges and illustrated by Tim Ladwig.


And a branch of our Church in about 25 miles away started a Creches and Carols the first weekend of December.  We went and spent 2 1/2 hours experiencing the music, the many varied creches, watching The Nativity, visiting with new friends and and the sweet warm Spirit that accompanied it.  They set up a little section at the end of a room kind of in a stable like creation with a table and about 6 little nativity sets the little children could play with.  JuneBug and BittyBug wouldn’t leave…and wouldn’t leave….and wouldn’t leave.  One of the sweet ladies sent me this picture of them:

These are our new traditions – mixed with some of the old – that we are doing this year.  
What are some of your traditions?