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A Wise Showing and Letting Alone

Charlotte Mason taught that teachers were to introduce a feast to children by exposing them to a myriad of subjects and ideas, one of which she called Handicrafts. In this area, she advocated teaching children skills that were used to create beautiful and real things…and that also could be used to help a person earn a living if needed. Like most things, though, she wanted the teacher to show a child how to do something and then get out of the way and let the child take it on for himself, since we learn so much by the doing of something.

In my blog post about my Drama Queens, I mentioned that JitterBug was helping me to hand craft felt puppets for our theater, but that she decided to to her own thing about an hour into it. It has been fun to watch her finish making – not puppets – but little dolls out of the pattern.

Felt Princess DollsAfter a few weeks, she kept mentioning that she wished that they had included other princesses that she could make and one day she decided that she was just going to make her own designs. She made Meg from Hercules, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

Additional PrincessesAren’t they so cute?

Now she has designed and begun making characters from the Percy Jackson series. Here is Percy:

Felt Percy doll

All I did was show her the basic stitches and give her access to my felt stash. She spends hours listening to books while sewing. I love it!


Felt Friday: Hamburger and Fries

Felt Hamburger & Fries

I made these hamburgers and french fries for my kids for Christmas.

hamburger bun

The bun was machine stitched except the seeds which are French knots sewn on it by hand.


The hamburger was machine stitched and I added stripes of black to make it look grilled…at least this way it looks cooked. 

hamburger cheese

 I made two kinds of cheese by hand.

Felt hamburger veggies

The lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles are layered and hand sewn. The ketchup and mustard are just cut out of felt and left as is.

2 felt fry styles


The fries are all hand-stitched, and are of two styles. I used a blanket stitch and slightly overstuffed them to get the crinkle look.

Fries in container

I made them little serving bags too since they come in bags like that at some restaurants. 

I made my own patterns (except the lettuce which was a left over from this post), but thought I would share a great tutorial here:

Happy felting!

Drama Queens and Handicrafts: How I Found Some Peace

{I have a whole house of Drama Queens.}

They love to play, act out their favorite movie scenes, Disney on Ice scenes, books, anything!  And we can’t just take a few minutes…everyone has to take their OWN turn and act out every.single.scene from whatever they are performing from – even if their sister just did it, too! Since I have seen the same movies, been to Disney on Ice with them, read the books, whatever…this drives me {totally bonkers}. One hour after they start, I am completely fed up and they are all mad. This had to change but I needed to do it without crushing the kids.

After a bit of thought and prayer…I decided to focus on some aspect of creating and acting that I could handle and that would give them other ways to perform. 

One way was to use handicrafts to corral interest and show some options: The first term of our 2014-2015 school year focused on creating puppets to use for narrations and dramatizations of stories. The second term has focused on using Readers Theater scripts to put on SHORT, interesting plays that allow the girls to all have parts, find props, set the stage, and put together costumes. The third term will be used to teach sewing so that they can create their own costumes if desired.

Mr. Bug helped me to create a mini-stage for the puppets using a cardboard science fair project board. This allows us to fold it up for storage when not in use.

Puppet theater

JitterBug decided to join me in sewing puppets (only she adapted them for herself, but that’s another post.)

Felt Puppets

HorseyGirl wanted to make her own since sewing is hard for her, so I asked her if she would do some things for Sleeping Beauty. She is amazingly talented…look at all these wonderful free hand illustrations:

Sleeping Beauty Puppets

Sleeping Beauty Dragon

JuneBug was frustrated with her coloring, so we printed out some and let her cut out her own story. She chose to do The Poky Little Puppy, so we used the illustrations from a lapbook found here.

Poky Puppy Puppets


BittyBug chose her story Bear Snores On and colored the puppets we found here.

Bear Snores On Puppets

We laminated the paper puppets and adapted some of the felt finger puppet patterns I bought to go on the sticks. The fun thing is that it gave us all a definite project for handicraft days, it was something that we were all interested in, and it is something that we continue to use today, even though our handicraft projects switched to a new focus this term. 

Felt Friday: Brown Bag Lunches

Felt Sack Lunch

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them on Skip To My Lou. I even bought the pattern since it is sometimes easier not re-invent the wheel.

Felt Sack

I made the bags – which were so cute. I started happily sewing away on the lettuce, tomato, and the cheese when I realized that they were WAY to big to fit in the bag. That disappointed me, so I decided to create my own pieces. (I saved the already completed pieces for another project which I will share soon!) This is what we ended up with – and the bags are used for so much more than just this lunch. It is not unusual to find it completely loaded up with all kinds of felt food. 😉

Felt Sandwich


We have 2 pieces of bread, cheese, bologna, mustard squiggle, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Aren’t they cute?

Pickles Up Close

I actually made these sitting in the dentist office during one of Mr. Bug’s visits. I had them cut out already, so I threw them in a small Ziploc bag along with scissors, needle and thread. The dental assistant thought I was a little strange, but I hate sitting around not doing anything.

Lunch Sack Chips

You gotta have some salt in your lunch bag, right?

Swiss Cake Roll

And sugar, too!  😉

Felt Friday: American Girl Doll-size Food

American Girl Doll Felt Food

 I have shared photos/patterns of the felt food that I have been making for my girls before. I ran across these photos of the doll-size food I made to go with the 18″ American Girl dolls that my girls have and thought I would share them. It was a lot of fun!

Mini-dessert Tray


Fancy Felt Cake

We bought plaques from the craft section at Walmart and spray painted them silver to be platters – this daughter was always wanting to have tea parties with her doll. The platters dignified the food and made them look cool.




Felt Food Friday: Huge Pancake Breakfast!

felt pancake breakfast

(photo via Etsy)

BittyBug saw this breakfast pinned to my felt food board on Pinterest and begged me to make her some pancakes. I bought the pattern here and was pleased with my purchase. The instructions were detailed and easy to follow, although I still haven’t made the syrup bottle. Here’s how mine turned out:

Felt pancake breakfast

I finally managed to make a bunch of strawberries. Yum!

Felt Strawberries

Felt Food Friday: Pizza Night!

Everybody loves Friday Pizza and Movie Night in our house! As part of the Christmas presents last year, I made felt pizza.

It was fun, quick, and a huge hit on Christmas day along with all the new dolls. 😉

Complete Pizza

You can get the free pattern here:

 Felt Pizza Pattern