What are we talking about in our CM homeschools when we talk about scaffolding?

I love reading about what my role as a CM teacher, mentor, and friend with my students should look like. Sometimes its’s a bit daunting, but most of the time I find it exhilarating and motivating!

There are new words that float about in CM circles occassionally, and scaffolding is one of them. I first heard it at the 2016 CMI Conference from a Dr. Jen Spencer presentation. I concluded that it is basically what Sonya Shafer at Simply Charlotte Mason has been teaching for years…that you ask children what we read/learned about in the last lesson before beginning another lesson. Then asking for another narration and discussing it. But I didn’t pursue it beyond that. Recently, though, I recognized that it means more than that if we look at it from a different angle.

Dawn, author of the ladydusk blog, has been reading and thinking about this concept for a while. She is now sharing what she is learning about this concept through a series of articles on her blog. They are excellent in their reminders of our goals and roles. Take a few moments to read them. You won’t be sorry. 🙂


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