Need Quick Subject Guide to a Charlotte Mason Education?

Did I ever tell you one of my favorite things about Simply Charlotte Mason? I haven’t in detail, I am sure, so I thought I would mention it today: their subject handbooks. Who knew? 😉

When I am reading Charlotte Mason’s original volumes, I often wish I had all her quotes on certain subjects together and I often daydream about having time to color code each subject for easy reference. But I then think that sounds overwhelming and I don’t do it. 😉  Today I picked up a book that has been on my shelf for literally years – and one that I read cover to cover and I realized that someone has taken the time to do that!  Yea!! And I realized that that book is the reason so many of her words are familiar as I read the Original Homeschooling Series. {Cue embarrassed smile}

Sonya Shafer, Karen Smith, and Richele Babarina have spent countless hours reading and gathering the ideas and words that Miss Mason wrote about various subjects and collecting them into cohesive comprehensible handbooks designed with both the newbie and the seasoned CM homeschool parent in mind. Each handbook includes:

  • extensive CM quotes on the subject with references
  • a sideline for you to record thoughts and notes
  • definition of unknown or less familiar words
  • explanations of unknown people or places referenced in the quotes
  • thought provoking questions to ponder, and
  • practical ideas for implementation.

These guides are invaluable to a busy person trying to educate themselves on Miss Mason’s philosophy and methods while actually in the trenches of teaching the children. They give you solid ground to build on as you work your way into the original volumes – the whys and hows are so important to help prevent burnout and build that solid foundation as you live out Miss Mason’s idea that “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”  I highly recommend them. There are 6 of them available through Simply Charlotte Mason.

The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook (DVD also available)

Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook  (also available Laying Down the Rails for Children and Laying Down the Rails for Yourself)

Hours in the Out-of-Doors:  A Charlotte Mason Nature Study Handbook

Hearing and Reading, Writing and Telling: A Charlotte Mason Language Arts Handbook

Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching (DVD also available)

And, for extra clarification on narration (since that is the keystone of a CM Education),

Your Questions Answered: Narration

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for my thoughts on the handbooks. I find them helpful and wanted to share. 



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