Random Nature Study Moments

I find often the best nature study moments are the unplanned, spontaneous times that we are truly engaged and interested in the subject – because it’s neat and it’s not “school”. =) Here are some of the fun, random moments from this summer. 

We found an old horse trough that we are planning to turn into a fish pond. First though, I filled it with water and let the kids splash and play in it. Before I could empty it, the tree frogs laid their eggs in it. We grew tadpoles all summer and the critter in the top left picture is one that survived.

We found this cool fossil when cleaning the yard. It sparkles in the sun. (top right)

By June, we had planted our garden. On returning from our morning walk on day, my mom and I found this little dude sitting on the edge of the bed. He is quite camouflaged in the mulch and dirt, so we almost missed him. He was pretty cool!  (bottom left)

This interesting grasshopper has a long tail on his nether regions. I (still) intend to do more reading up on those.


We did some fall cleaning in September before the major surgery.

Top left is a spider hiding in the foliage.

Top right is one of our baby praying mantis’ all grown up.

Bottom left is a cicada we found in my husband’s truck bed.

Bottom right is a very large garden spider with babies crawling on her back. It must have been the spider’s time because many were carrying huge white egg sacks and several others had babies like this one.


I was trying not to feel too creepy-crawly, except that I found 3 large healthy (gulp!) black widow spiders when I was pulling the long overgrown grass off the edge of the cement. They are pretty cool, too, but I admit that I was very grateful for my leather gloves and have made a mental note that those must always be worn when weeding that area. Shudder!!



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