“You have a good eye, kiddo!”

“You have a good eye, (or ear) kiddo!” is something that I have said to my kids over the last few years of our Charlotte Mason homeschool journey. It is a way of praising them as they learn to pay close attention to our lessons, whether those be in books or outdoors. BittyBug, who is about to turn 8 and is not so little anymore (*sniff*), is rather proud of her ability to notice things.

In April we went on a nature hike (some of us managed to take the wrong turn, ahem, and walked several extra hours…whew!) and she was busy pointing out things right and left. Toads (I almost stepped on it), flowers, Dogwood blossoms, and a speckled snake.


HorseyBug loves to go on Nature Walks and she went just ahead of us, listening to the rustling of the leaves and discovering her own treasures to enjoy. She found four different turtle locations…because she was listening and paying attention.


It was a good day for exploring nature.

Or as BittyBug kept saying to me, “It’s a good thing I have a good eye!”  🙂


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