It’s Been A Long Year…


It has been a long year…I haven’t posted since February when I started having some health concerns diagnosed after many years of often excruciating pain when those took over my “spare” time. (hahaha!!) I have had one surgery, am scheduled for another one, and possibly need another one and feel that I see my doctors way too often, but I am so thankful for modern medicine and the abilities we have to not suffer needlessly – when we take care of it. What a blessing that is for us! And there have been many tender mercies of the Lord along the way. I am grateful for the ability to recognize those mercies. I am also grateful for a loving family who have put up with taking care of my share of the responsibilities as I recover.

Maybe soon I can be more like I was…I hope. šŸ™‚ I say that because the younger girls have been obsessed with looking at the pictures on my computer and I realized that we used to do a lot more things. I suppose that those started tapering off about the time I started having these issues 8 years ago, which means my younger kids haven’t had nearly as many cool adventures as I would like. So my goal next year (after recovering from all my surgeries) is to make time for that again…a day at the lake, a day hiking a new trail, exploring a new place on a day trip, going to the zoo and spending time enjoying it, visiting the art museum, history museums, and all the historical places within a couple of hours from here. I think it would be fun to just go pain free for once. šŸ˜‰

So, all this to say that I actually have a few pictures from things we’ve done this year as well as more book reviews for my classic book challenge, so look for those in the next few weeks as I try to get back on top of things.


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