Mary, Martha, and Me: Seeking the One Thing That Is Needful

Mary, Martha, and Me

photo via Amazon

Mary, Martha, and Me: Seeking the One Thing That Is Needful is a delightfully short motivating read that seeks to remind us that Mary and Martha are people like us in many ways. Sister Olsen teaches us that we should seek the ONE NEEDFUL THING in our lives, and as Mary and Martha so vividly demonstrate, we all find that in different ways…Christ IS the needful thing and He loves us all. When we put Him first, our cares can be put into proper perspective. And that makes all the difference in our daily lives. This quote jumped out at me one night when I was reading this book, and I think it is so profound because we let it slide in so many of our decisions to include just one more thing:

“Simplifying our temporal {physical} environment leads to discovery in the spiritual environment.” 

~ Camille Fronk Olsen

If we truly want to be at peace and happy, we MUST put the One Needful Thing (Jesus Christ) FIRST in our lives, and say no to some things in order to make real room for the best things.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I receive nothing in return for my opinion. 


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