Ride the Laughing Wind

Ride the Laughing Wind

Photo via Amazon

“Cast aside your ways of evil, and the greenness will return to our mesas. Hold this evil close to your breasts, O People, and you will be driven and smitten as dry leaves before the winter wind.” This was the prediction of the ancient woman, she who possessed the third eye of seeing. And with foreboding finality she concluded, “Thus I have spoken, and thus it will be.” With the fulfillment of her prophetic words a deadly battle of hide and seek unfolds.

Tala is Outcast among her People for daring to be different, by standing up for what she believes. When the prophecy comes true, Tala must become mother to 4 surviving orphans and teach them in the true ways of the People. An exciting chase carries the readers into a world of evil and death, survival and hope, goodness and love, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

I read this as a teenager and loved it. Having recently re-read it, I have decided that it will become a must read book for my girls. 😉

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I receive nothing in return for my opinion. 


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