Drama Queens & Handicrafts, Part 2: Readers Theater


Our second term began with the basic introduction of a readers theater that would perform once a week for Mom and Dad. To this end, I purchased several books that I thought would help them to stay on track and have short successful {where we enjoy them and not get mad at each other} shows. There were three topics: Greek Myths, Shakespeare, and Silly Fairy Tales.

greek myth scripts

Readers Theater Books

I gave JitterBug (she’s my organizer and go-getter) the books when they arrived and explained what I had in mind. Then I talked to all the girls about it and told them that Dad and I would be available once a week and we would love to see what they wanted to perform. It has been so much fun!

Here are some pics from Spiderella:

Spiderella & Fairy Godmother

JuneBug is Spiderella (in her work clothes here) and she is showing me the Fairy Godmother (BittyBug’s stuffed elephant they dressed up, LOL).

The Prince

The Prince (but why he is in a dress is a mystery!)

At the ball

Dancing at the ball while the stepsisters primp in the background.

Fighting over the Prince

Fighting over the Prince.

Spiderella Proposal

The proposal.

Curtain Call

The Curtain Call – they look happy and satisfied, don’t they? 😉

Because it is reader’s theater no one has to memorize lines, there doesn’t have to be long practices, and it is short and moves along…I think the longest we’ve sat and watched one was about 15-20 minutes. 


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