Felt Friday: Hamburger and Fries

Felt Hamburger & Fries

I made these hamburgers and french fries for my kids for Christmas.

hamburger bun

The bun was machine stitched except the seeds which are French knots sewn on it by hand.


The hamburger was machine stitched and I added stripes of black to make it look grilled…at least this way it looks cooked. 

hamburger cheese

 I made two kinds of cheese by hand.

Felt hamburger veggies

The lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles are layered and hand sewn. The ketchup and mustard are just cut out of felt and left as is.

2 felt fry styles


The fries are all hand-stitched, and are of two styles. I used a blanket stitch and slightly overstuffed them to get the crinkle look.

Fries in container

I made them little serving bags too since they come in bags like that at some restaurants. 

I made my own patterns (except the lettuce which was a left over from this post), but thought I would share a great tutorial here:    


Happy felting!


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