In Answer to a Reader’s Question…

I had a reader ask me a question that I thought I would answer in a post. She asked:

Where do these lovely quotes come from?

The quotes referred to in this question come from my personal reading as I am studying my scriptures, reading books (fiction and nonfiction), or studying various topics. There are a variety of resources that I use, however, most of the spiritually encouraging ones come from magazines called the EnsignNew Era, or Friend published by my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). The Ensign is written with adults in mind, the New Era is specifically written for teenagers 12-18, and the Friend is for children. All have similar content, but aimed at the specific audience’s understanding and situations.

All contain articles dealing with how to better understand and live the gospel of Jesus Christ where we are right now in our lives. Since our very choices and lives are lived based on our understanding of gospel principles, the articles cover topics that range from spiritual needs, to educational, family relationships, and many more, including warnings of avoiding and recovering from different types of sin, and ideas on how to strengthen and help others. The magazines for teenagers and children include also articles on subjects that children deal with like school, bullying, and peer pressure. All stories are based on true incidents.

You may read them for free at Click on the tab marked resources, click magazines and manuals. Choose the magazines and it will present you with some choices. Click on any one of those and it will take you to the current issue. Here is a direct link to the magazine page.

I am trying to be deliberate this year in my reading to educate myself and move beyond my comfort zone of reading matter. To help me keep moving, I will be trying to do some book reviews of books I have read this year as well as quotes that made me think or that I appreciated for one reason or another.  To make it easier for myself to track my progress, I decided to do Tuesday book reviews (bi-monthly) and Wednesday Pick-Me-Up quotes (weekly). If my quote is from an online source, I will link to it. If it is from an actual paper book, I will list the author, book and page number where possible. This is a fun way for me to share things that I thought were interesting, educational, made me think, or that helped me to feel the Spirit. I hope that they can spark an idea for you, too!


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