Drama Queens and Handicrafts: How I Found Some Peace

{I have a whole house of Drama Queens.}

They love to play, act out their favorite movie scenes, Disney on Ice scenes, books, anything!  And we can’t just take a few minutes…everyone has to take their OWN turn and act out every.single.scene from whatever they are performing from – even if their sister just did it, too! Since I have seen the same movies, been to Disney on Ice with them, read the books, whatever…this drives me {totally bonkers}. One hour after they start, I am completely fed up and they are all mad. This had to change but I needed to do it without crushing the kids.

After a bit of thought and prayer…I decided to focus on some aspect of creating and acting that I could handle and that would give them other ways to perform. 

One way was to use handicrafts to corral interest and show some options: The first term of our 2014-2015 school year focused on creating puppets to use for narrations and dramatizations of stories. The second term has focused on using Readers Theater scripts to put on SHORT, interesting plays that allow the girls to all have parts, find props, set the stage, and put together costumes. The third term will be used to teach sewing so that they can create their own costumes if desired.

Mr. Bug helped me to create a mini-stage for the puppets using a cardboard science fair project board. This allows us to fold it up for storage when not in use.

Puppet theater

JitterBug decided to join me in sewing puppets (only she adapted them for herself, but that’s another post.)

Felt Puppets

HorseyGirl wanted to make her own since sewing is hard for her, so I asked her if she would do some things for Sleeping Beauty. She is amazingly talented…look at all these wonderful free hand illustrations:

Sleeping Beauty Puppets

Sleeping Beauty Dragon

JuneBug was frustrated with her coloring, so we printed out some and let her cut out her own story. She chose to do The Poky Little Puppy, so we used the illustrations from a lapbook found here.

Poky Puppy Puppets


BittyBug chose her story Bear Snores On and colored the puppets we found here.

Bear Snores On Puppets

We laminated the paper puppets and adapted some of the felt finger puppet patterns I bought to go on the sticks. The fun thing is that it gave us all a definite project for handicraft days, it was something that we were all interested in, and it is something that we continue to use today, even though our handicraft projects switched to a new focus this term. 


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