Consider This – A Book Review

I finished reading Consider This Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition by Karen Glass a few months ago. It was an amazing {thought-provoking} experience for me. 

Consider This cover

(photo via Amazon)

When I was 16 I was reading through Dorothy Sayers’ “Lord Peter” series and found myself wanting to know what he did – the quotes and ideas that just came from him so effortlessly and I only had a vague clue what he was talking about. I wanted to know more and knew that my education was lacking something important. I became a homeschooling mom after a few public school experiences; it was while doing education research that I found out about Charlotte Mason’s educational work and I instinctively knew that I wanted to use her methods.

In furthering my understanding of her ideas, I found many other curriculum claiming to be classical education but those methods didn’t really ring true to me. It was frustrating to me to not be able to articulate my feelings and ideas coherently about what a classical education is.  So reading Consider This was like meeting a friend who helps you work out your thoughts in a more ordered way. 

Ms. Glass takes her readers on a quest to discover what a real Classical Education is and why it is so very relevant and vital to a person, their community, and their country. With Charlotte Mason’s help, she reaches back in time to share the important thoughts and ideas on education that are still true today and lays out the foundation of WHY Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methods are so relevant today. I found myself suddenly “getting more” and making connections between some of her methods and the philosophy behind them. This makes it easier for me to “trust” the methods that are sometimes so at odds with a modern public school scope and sequence. 

This is a must-read book for anyone wanting to really discern the WHY’s of a classical education – and how understanding and using Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and methods make a classical education both eminently practical and doable. It was so enriching and helpful to me that it is on my re-read list with the study guide in hand. 



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