Our New Nature Study Table

When we created our new school room, I decided I really wanted to have the room to have a nature study table – a dedicated place for all the treasures that accumulate on nature walks if I’m not carefully observant. 😉

We had an open space under the window that was perfect for a nature area, so I built a bookcase to fit under the window. 

Front of the Nature Study Table/Bookcase

This is the view from the window – and we have added 4 various types of bird feeders, a bird bath, and are working on adding in inviting foliage for the birds and animals.  We had a downy woodpecker drinking out of our hummingbird feeder last summer. Then he made us all jump when he landed on the metal pieces in the window and preceded to walk all over the window while we were sitting there. So cool!

Nature Study Table View

The really fun thing about the table is that we can group things together and use our guides to identify them. 

Nature Study Trees

Nature Study Birds

Nature Study Table Geology

This has proven to be a valuable tool in our school. The kids like to study and look at the items over and over. When it is time to move on, I can switch out various items too. I keep a box that stores things that are interesting and not something we see every time we walk out the door…the turtle shell our dog dug up, the large feathers Mr. Bug found one day at work, the bird nest with the egg shells in it that blew out of our tree, the butterflies, etc. Each time we re-visit these items, we learn something new because we have changed and grown.

And isn’t that the point?


2 thoughts on “Our New Nature Study Table

  1. sheraz2011 Post author

    We are so excited to have some spring again…just got back from a vacation to Galveston Beach to see my brother and then to OK to see my sister. Naturally, we did some nature study, I am exited to add them to my journal. One of the coolest moments was hiking at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in the evening. We were thrilled to see a flock of wild turkeys (dh says there was about 50 or so) strutting around in the road. As they wandered off the road, we walked back down by the lake to watch the gorgeous sunset and were so lucky to observe the entire flock fly to the trees by the lake to roost for the night. So cool. And, unfortunately, none of us had night appropriate cameras. RATS!!

    On the beach we got to see the brown pelicans diving and eating in the water about 25 feet away. It was SO cool. We also saw a frigate bird which was amazing… =) The baby jellyfish were interesting, too.


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