That’s a REAL mummy!??!

We really enjoy the St. Louis Art Museum – it has lots of different things, including exhibits of the ancient civilizations that we have/are/will study..

That's a REAL mummy!?

The girls are fun when we go because they will see something they recognize and all of a sudden connections are being made and *gasp!* mummies are REAL!  🙂 And if mummies are real then the other things we learned about like pharaohs and pyramids must be real too, and their mummified toes are gross. That is the unanimous opinion of the kids who noticed the toes sticking out of the wrappings.

Canopic Jars

 This can also lead to interesting religious conversations, which is also good. It’s a great way to clear up misunderstandings and reinforce gospel concepts. (On a side note, JitterBug started to read some of the hieroglyphics on the jars to the museum guide, who was driving us crazy that day (she obviously was following a script and wouldn’t/couldn’t answer our questions). It got her attention, at any rate! 😉 )

Beautiful necklace!

 Since this is made of beads, it must have been some painstaking work! No matter the time period or era, women love a beautiful necklace!

While we were visiting the museum during this visit, we realized for the first time that there is also an Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman room. I am excited to explore this room in more depth! 


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