Felt Food: Super cute, easy to make, fun to use!

Early in last December I was snuggling with JuneBug on the couch before she went to bed and I was reading a book called Homemade Christmas Gifts by Toni Anderson on my Kindle. It had pictures of the projects and about the 15th project in, JuneBug sat up and announced that I “could make these for her so she could use them! Please, mom! Please!”  I took another look at it, said “maybe” and put her in bed. =)

Felt Cookies & Doughnuts

Once she was settled I looked them up on the computer and loved the whole idea of making these cute little felt cookies and pizzas. It really would be easy and fun – and inexpensive!  I could see the younger girls loving this idea for several more years.

(It would also meet my needs since we try to give the girls one handmade by us gift at Christmas. Yay!)

What I didn’t expect was how easy they were to make, how cute they would be, and utterly relaxing it would be for me! I created my own patterns. You can download them free here:

 Felt Cookies, Brownies, & Doughnuts


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