Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

As many of you know, I started using Essential Oils several years ago and love them. They have improved our lives in many areas. We use them in our laundry, as aromatherapy, to treat sunburn, poison ivy, bug bites, in food preparation, for cold, and even for pneumonia and bronchitis. There are literally hundreds of oils – and many books that will tell you about them and what they are good for. I have a few of them and I love reading about the oils, but… if I know what my problem is, I want the practical, nitty-gritty recipes! How much and how often?  

modern medicine cover

One of the oil books I bought was Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails by Dr. Scott A. Johnson.  I really like this book for several reasons. While he does give basic information about essential oils in the beginning, he also gives you a list of 40 essential oils that would be the most valuable to have in an emergency situation if medical care is not available. (Some of you may be thinking that is nuts…but think about natural disasters that are happening all over the world where it is so hard to get drinking water to people, much less medical care.) Then the rest of the book is filled with recipe after recipe of oil solutions for everything from  abdominal cramps to congestion to flu to staph infections and strep throat to whooping cough.  Each recommendation includes the dosing methods and the timing of administering the doses.

I appreciate that this book is concise and to the point. I have several other oil books that I refer to as well when we have a specific problem, but I find myself turning to this one first because of it is easy to find my information and move on with the problem. This is a great little resource to have on hand.

As always, this book is a resource and not intended to replace medical advice when needed.

All opinions are my own. I am not getting paid for this review.


One thought on “Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

  1. Scott

    Thanks for your kind review of my book Sheila. I bumped into your blog while looking for something else on the internet. 🙂 As a member of the LDS church, you may also be interested in my book “The Word of Wisdom: Discovering the LDS Code of Health” available from Amazon. Regards, Scott


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