How To Finally Escape the Clutter Trap!

Ha! If that title doesn’t stir some interest, you are either on top of all the little things in your life, or you are in denial of your problems!! LOL

Okay, seriously:

I have been in denial for years about the need to deal with all.the.stuff in my home…the piles on my desk, the craft supplies, the toys, the books, the movies, the clothes: you name it, I have too much. Most people probably don’t see it that way since I keep things mostly tidy and put away.

A place for everything, and every thing in its place” has been my pride for years.

 I know, though, and I am sick of storing it, cleaning it, saving it, and moving it around.

I have been pondering how to return to a more simple life since Christmas – part of my intentional goals for 2014 – and have been receiving little nudges of inspiration for several months – a talk at a homeschool conference talking about the need for a habit of simplicity, a General Conference talk about the need to draw our line of when enough is enough in a talk titled Where Your Treasure Is, how much happier the kids are when there is less stuff to deal with, how much easier my day goes when I try to do less cramming of stuff and enjoy the moments more, and several friends who have been inspiring me to report on my changes as I attempt to simplify our lives. Even on the SCM forum there are entire threads discussing the desires of many moms for simplicity in their homes, their schools, their lives.

It was in one such thread that How to Finally Escape the Clutter Trap by Robin Konie was first suggested and recommended. It was available as an immediate download PDF file and it was on sale, so I bought it. I read most of it the first hour it was on my computer and it literally was changing the way I viewed my stuff in my head and my heart. That was about a month ago, and since then I printed it out and have read it several times and learn something every time. It continues to motivate me to make real changes and begin to live the way I want.

The Clutter Trap cover

The book deals with the myths of why we save (or hoard) stuff. There are several types of personalities that save stuff, and she deals with the emotional reasons behind the motivations by laying out the myths and facts side by side without condemnation for each personality. Then she offers practical ideas to help you learn how to deal with the emotions about *stuff*.  This is not your usual how to organize your bath cabinets or your closet.

Now – I must say that I have heard a lot of this verbally in all its various forms over the years. Seeing it all spelled out in easy to see, read, and comprehend is probably what made it all start to stick and make real sense. In fact, I have over 40 boxes of GOOD things that we are not using and don’t need or want waiting for my yard sale next week. (My wonderful sister is driving 9 hours to help me with this – she knows that I hate to do it, and she is very good at it!) Once the sale is over, the stuff left over will be donated around town to various places. I have hauled out multiple bags of trash…and I am learning not to guilt myself into keeping things that aren’t bringing me a sense of happiness. (If nothing else, it was worth the cost just for that! 😉 )

Since I bought the PDF, the author has released the book as an ebook available from Amazon – way cheaper than the original PDF. Yippie! You may get your copy of The Clutter Trap for only $2.99. Click here for more information from Amazon.

Do you struggle with too much stuff, too??

I did not receive any form of compensation for my opinion. I am just sharing my experience!


4 thoughts on “How To Finally Escape the Clutter Trap!

  1. karenspath

    Thank you. I am wonderful! 😉 I have been decluttering like crazy since I finished the book. I threw away so many papers yesterday and shredded four years of OLD bank records. Whew! My clutter profile totally surprised me. Thank you for sharing.

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