It’s a little later than I planned, but…

I still want to show you what I made for HorseyBug for Christmas.

I was really pleased with how things turned out. =)

In another post, I shared how HorseyBug received my mother’s childhood doll and her doll bed. They (the doll and bed) are moving along in years and holding up well, but the bed has been well used. My dad had to make a new bottom for it when I was little and mom had to replace the mattress. She couldn’t find one that fit, so she used a little changing pad that is also starting to show definite signs of wear.  Here’s what the bed looked like before Christmas:

doll bed

I made a bed skirt and fixed the mattress:

The new mattress

made a bumper pad:

the bumper pad

made a quilt and pillow so the bed looks like a mini-crib.

the quilt and pillow

Here is the finished project:

the finished bed

I thought it turned out so cute!


4 thoughts on “It’s a little later than I planned, but…

      1. mismymo

        Being the original owner, I have to say that my sweet little doll bed never looked so good! It’s enough to make Grandma want to play dolls again. = )

  1. karenspath

    You did a great job on the crib. No wonder HorseyBug wants to play with it. It just begs for someone to play with!


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