Nourishing the Soul

I’ve been reading over the book Teaching, No Greater Call. There are so many wonderful things in it! I wanted to share a couple of quotes that have given me several hours of thought and contemplation from the chapter called “Nourishing the Soul”.  This is a book about teaching the gospel, and as I was reading, I was interested to see how much more effective my role as a mom and teacher could be by applying these same ideas and principles in our home and school.

Just as we plan to feed our children physically, we should plan to feed our children spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  These quotes are helping me evaluate our situation to see where we need to make improvements in our home.

“Teaching that is nourishing to the soul uplifts others, builds their faith, and gives them confidence to meet life’s challenges. It motivates them to forsake sin and to come to Christ, call on His name, obey His commandments, and abide in His love…

Many topics are interesting, important, and even relevant to life and yet not nourishing to the soul…

Teaching that stimulates the intellect without speaking to the spirit cannot nourish. Nor can anything that raises doubts about the truth of the restored gospel or the need to commit ourselves to it with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

As I have thought about this idea, I realized that I can be more intentional about:

      • what I books choose to teach from – not just pulling books from someone else’s convenient book list.
      • seeking the Lord’s guidance in what, when, and how to present the things that my children must know in order to fulfill their missions in this life.
      • not filling my home with the things (movies, music, screen time, books, pictures, speech, etc) that detract from nourishing our souls.

How do you “nourish the soul” in your family? What are some of the standards you have set in order to have a “nourishing” atmosphere? Leave a comment and share your ideas and tips!


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