Super Cute Free Home Organizing Planner!

My sister and I have been having conversations about our word for the year. We both think that we need to be more intentional in our actions and less re-active in our choices. To that end, I thought that I would share a site with super cute free printable pages for a home organizing binder:

I have to say that using these types of cute pages make it so much easier to plan my life and be organized. There is something about color motivating me. 😉 This is one way I can be more intentional this year – a place for goals, notes, and staying on top of my priorities, plus maintaining my day to day activities.


One thought on “Super Cute Free Home Organizing Planner!

  1. Julie

    Love these organizing papers – the Nothing is Lost until your Mom can’t find it made me laugh so hard!!!! I printed a bunch of the week day lists – I love that! That helps me break down the mountain of things to be done into amounts that can be accomplished! Thanks for sharing. And I love the posts by you and our other sister (haha can’t remember her code name) about being intentional. Blondie asked this morning is today is as frantic as yesterday and thankfully the answer is a capitalized NO! Frantic was the correct word to describe it. But we got everyone where they needed to be and on time and I think we mainly had a good time….except for the 2 hours of prison at the DMV only to be briskly told they couldn’t help me and I would have to come back. I had a very hard time even being semi polite at that point! I think my oldest child will just have to remain drivers permitless!!!


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