My sister and I have had several conversations during the last couple of weeks about our new ideas for some improvement in our lives (and yes, I am avoiding the word goal or resolution, since those words tend to smack of February failure for me!)

Unfortunately, both of us are suffering from what she terms as Whatever Woman – (see her blog post here). Both of us have had recent experiences that highlight the need to change a few things; namely, to be more pro-active and less re-active about the MOST important things in our lives.  To be intentional. To set important things FIRST – giving top priority to the best things and less to the good things. As a friend mentioned today,

 “There was a talk I heard/read many years ago that addressed the relationship between what is good, better, and best — and that sometimes we may need to forego some current practices/activities in our lives that are “good” so that we can make room for things that may be “better” or “best” for us. For many of us, at least at times, the enemy of the BEST is the GOOD. I have found many, many applications of that in my life. ” 

This year I am working at being intentional about the BEST things instead of reactive.

Do you have a “word to live by” for the year?


2 thoughts on “Intentional

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