The Value of a Home Library

I loved this post about the why’s of building a home library. I hope that you all enjoy the thought provoking ideas presented hereI

Where My Treasure Is

Books! 001

Have you ever wondered why I spend so much of my time searching out books, collecting them from far-reaching places of the country, organizing them and continually putting orders into “Dan’s Workshop” for new bookshelves? (Not to mention running a used book shop and giving books as gifts?)

When I shared my blog series entitled “Building a Library For Your Child” a year or so ago, I wrote it with the assumption that having a home library is something that people actually desire. I’ve since realized that not as many people share my passion for collecting books as I thought. 😉 hee hee.

Do you have a library of books in your home?

A home library is not really about making yourself look prestigious or smart.

Well, maybe it is for some people, but not for us! By the way, did you know that you can furnish a ready-to-go library from this website where…

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