The Last of the Fall Nature Walks

I was looking through the camera card to see what can be deleted when I realized that we had some really fun pictures from our last ramble through the gorgeous leaves, so I thought I’d share them:

Fall Leaves Collage

The leaves were still beautiful!

Fall Flowers Collage

I was surprised to see how many little flowers were among the leaves and grass.

Fall Fruit Collage

The fall berries and fruits were everywhere. I love watching the birds eat these all winter!

Fall Treasures on Ground

This is a collection of interesting things – a large seed pod, blooming grass, a tiny mushroom, and a spider nest on a leaf blowing around in the wind.

We have enjoyed any number of fall nature walks this year, but those came to an abrupt halt in the middle of November by temperatures in the teens and twenties during the night (and most of the day!). Now we get to enjoy quick walks bundled in coats and mittens. And without snow, most of the delight isn’t there – it is just cold! 😉

Here is what it looked like on our next walk:

Fall Bare TreesThat’s a squirrel nest in the tree on the upper right photo. The little ones delight in finding them to show me. 🙂


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