A Favorite Fall Nature Walk Activity

The Brain - aka Osage Orange“The Brain” – aka an Osage Orange

In the fall, the Osage Oranges start to fall. They are large round balls that are strange to look at, sticky to open, and so much fun to play with. 😉 I am not sure how they got their name, but their tree roots are covered in an orange layer. Osage Orange tree

The fruit might hurt you if it fell on you:

Osage Orange Tree with Fruit

When they are bruised, split or otherwise cut open, they ooze a thick, sticky, creamy colored juice:

Inside of Osage Orange

They feel so solid but are light enough to float:

Floating Osage Orange

And they make splendid balls for a large variety of activities:

Osage Orange Fun CollageJuneBug and JitterBug were having so much fun – float races, dribbling, kickball, and races. JuneBug was collecting as many as she could carry on the way back – she had 12 gathered up at one point. (We did leave them there, though!)


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