Cherished Christmas Traditions

I am so excited for the Christmas season! We have started some fun traditions that are a blend of things we did when we were growing up, plus we have intentionally started some that are specific to our marriage and family.

School for December maintains the basics (reading, writing, math) and obviously, religion. We are going to devote a lot of time to the girls’ Personal Progress goals and see if we can help them get some done and enjoy the time doing it. They are excited about this. So am I…it takes some stress off the rest of the school year about “getting it all done!” Our girls are making presents for each other again this year, so scaling back to basics allows time for this.

My family always put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving and this has continued in our family. It always seems to help bring the Christmas spirit to our home. We listen to Christmas music all month.Christmas Traditions

We started a Christmas Advent Countdown last year. We enjoyed this so much. Some nights were hectic, but it brought such peace to our home and the Spirit was felt every night. The new free online Bible videos are wonderful for this – in fact, they are featured in the Advent Countdown. These are such uplifting videos that we are also incorporating them into our Life of Christ study as part of our Bible History.  We have a tree that we place countdown numbers on each night as we do these little devotionals.

I finally got enough books for our Christmas Book Surprise Basket. I wrapped them all up and we are opening the first one tonight. 😉  It will be a mixture of fun and serious books. I am looking forward to this new tradition.

Mr. Bug’s family always watched the A Christmas Story on Christmas and he loves it. We adapted that to be a special party night and invite a family to join us. We make munchies and enjoy a party in the middle of the month.

We have tried to limit the number of presents we get the girls to three. That means we have to spend more time in thought of their needs, wants, and desires so that they can have something that will mean more to them. The year we implemented this, we explained that the wise men brought three gifts and it was enough.  It hasn’t been a problem and I appreciate the fact that it helps with over-spending AND all the little junk that gets thrown away in the next month.

One thing that my family always did was have a special dinner on Christmas Eve and read the Christmas story as found in Luke 1 & 2, along with Simeon and Anna at the temple, and the Wise Men’s story in Matthew. We have continued that in our family, and since we are not with lots of extended family, we try to invite some friends from church who might also be alone. It is a deliberate spiritual reminder slow down in midst of Christmas fever. We have started to add in Glad Tidings of Great Joy about the birth of Christ. I have come to cherish this tradition.

I’d like to incorporate an actual Advent wreath with candles and the reading of the scriptures. I don’t have a purple taper candle yet, so we will use a fragrance candle for tonight. Next Sunday, I’ll have both pink and purple candles, along with the white ones for Christmas Eve. This will tie in beautifully to our Christmas Eve dinner and activities. I got the Advent program at church in Relief Society today. 

Leave a comment and share your family traditions. I’d love to know what you enjoy the most!


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