Sternberg Museum of Natural History

Another place we knew we had to visit is the Sternberg Museum in Hays, Kansas. It is a neat museum that we visit every time we drive I-70 across Kansas. Usually we find a few things that are new to us. This time it was the new digging pit upstairs and the new Rattlesnake collection on display. That was really cool. 😉 It has a wonderful educational hands-on area for the kids which makes it a great place to break-up the monotony of driving for hours in a car.

The building is a rounded dome at the top where they have a wonderful robotic dinosaur display that moves, makes noise and generally makes a fun little walk. Being the great parent that I am, I did not explain that to my little ones…I wanted to see what they thought about it all.

Here is the T-Rex that turns his head and growls when you walk by:

Sternburg Museum Robotic T-Rex

Here is JuneBug and BittyBug’s reaction:

Sternburg Museum Running from the T-Rex

Yes, they are running. It was not photographer error in this photo.

Anyway, Mr. Sternberg (the man the museum is named after) discovered (in Kansas!) a super neat fossil of a fish with another fish in its stomach. A new thing that they added since we had been here last was a new digging pit where the kids could discover it all over again for themselves.

Here are the girls getting involved in while we were there:

Sternburg Museum Digging Fossils

Almost done:

Sternburg Museum Almost Done Digging the FossilAfter all that hard work, we went to the kids explore area – which is where BittyBug disappeared to while the older kids toiled on discovering the fossil. Here is the door greeter:

Sternburg Museum Spider

How would you like that to greet you at your front door everyday?? 

After this, we belted in and were serious about getting back home. We managed to listen to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (and a couple other audio books) before we got home. We enjoyed it so much that it started a new family tradition, which I will share in another post!


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