Weber Canyon

After we stopped at Antelope Island we spent some time with Mr. Bug’s family and then headed up Weber Canyon to start the journey home. Mr. Bug pulled off at a small parking area by the railroad trestle bridge.

Weber Canyon Train Trestle Bridge

He had us walk down a little path to the river.

Weber Canyon Weber River Beach

Turns out that his dad would take him fishing there under the double trestle railroad bridges. He shared some of his childhood memories of his dad (who had passed away before we married), so none of us know him except through these stories.Weber Canyon Double Trestle BridgeAs we completed the drive up the canyon we watched a rainstorm coming rolling in over the mountain range. It was really something neat to watch…until I ended up driving in it in the dark. 🙂
Weber Canyon Storm Coming Through Mtns.


One thought on “Weber Canyon

  1. karenspath

    I always thought Utah was dry in the summer. We sure drove through a ton of storms ourselves. At night it was way worse!


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