Book of Mottoes

 Book of Mottoes (aka a Commonplace Book): a compilation of quotes, poetry, hymns, scriptures, or anything else that caught your attention during your studies.

My Book of Mottoes

I choose a pretty pink book with a ribbon book mark to use for mine.

Inside my Book of Mottoes

I use a black pen for mine. I keep the pen with my book so that it is available to me whenever I need it. I make entries as I see fit – it is not scheduled in my to-do list.

JitterBug's Book of Mottoes

Jitterbug is using a little red one that was a freebie at a meeting I attended. (It doesn’t matter a bit what you use – a spiral notebook, a journal, notebooking pages, even the computer.) I choose the bound book to give it a special feel for her so she will want to do her best when she is writing in it – and it will be something that she can cherish for years.

Inside JitterBug's Book of Mottoes

She has learned to write in cursive beautifully and has started typing class. To keep her handwriting practice current, she makes one entry per week of her choice from the books she is reading or the scriptures. She uses a pencil to make her entries so that she can easily correct mistakes.  (I have a correction tape pen for mine. 😉 )

Here is a quote from Lorenzo Snow that I really appreciated. I put it in the girls’ planners for the year and I included it in my personal Book of Mottoes:

“Learning requires faith, exertion, and perseverance.”  ~ Lorenzo Snow

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