Loving the Exuberant Fall Colors!

We had plenty of rain and cool days during the summer and you can sure tell through out the Ozarks this year – the leave’s colors are so vibrant and alive.  I finally remembered to take my camera with me one day to grab some shots.

Fall 2013 - Warm Yellows & Oranges

Warm Yellows and Reds

Fall 2013 - Up Close Green, Yellow, Red

Vivid Mixtures

Fall 2013 - Glorious Golds

Glorious Golds

Fall 2013 - Flamboyant Reds

Vibrant Reds

All combining to create a portrait of living color.  It makes driving long distances a treat!

Fall 2013 - Lining the Street

Fall 2013 - Lining the Street 2

Have you enjoyed the fall colors where you are?? 



2 thoughts on “Loving the Exuberant Fall Colors!

  1. karenspath

    I’m jealous. I never did get the pictures I wanted and now the colors are all gone. I particularly love the one you titled vivid mixtures!


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