HorseyBug’s 2013-2014 Individual Book List

HorseyBug’s 2013-2014 Book List

 *Social Studies


  • Visits to the Middle East by Sonya Shafer
  • Material World by Peter Menzel
  • Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel
  • The Hungry Coat: A Tale from Turkey by Demi
  • The Pearl Diver by Julia Johnson
  • Saluki: Hound of the Bedouin by Julia Johnson
  • Silent Music: A Story of Baghdad by James Rumford
  • Waiting for the Owl’s Call by Gloria Whelan
  • Mosque by David Macaulay

Greek History:

  • The Story of Greece by Mary Macgregor
  • Famous Men of Greece by Haaren and Poland
  • Our Little Spartan Cousin from Long Ago
  • Our Little Athenian Cousin from Long Ago
  • Our Little Macedonian Cousin from Long Ago
  • Alexander the Great by Jacob Abbot
  • Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book by John Greene
  • Various YouTube videos and pictures of Ancient Greece
  • Book of Centuries

Roman History:

  • The Story of Rome by Mary Macgregor
  • Famous Men of Rome by Haaren and Poland
  • Our Little Carthaginian Cousin from Long Ago
  • In Search of a Homeland: A Story of the Aeneid
  • Our Little Roman Cousin from Long Ago
  • Cleopatra by Diane Stanley
  • Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott
  • Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott
  • Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book by John Green
  • The Stuff They Left Behind by SCM
  • Various movies, YouTube videos, and pictures of Ancient Rome
  • Book of Centuries

Bible History:

  • Scriptures
  • Discover the Old Testament from Discover the Scriptures
  • Old Testament Visual Resources by LDS Seminary and Institutes
  • Book of Centuries and LDS Bible Timeline


Science Curriculum:

  • Properties of Atoms and Molecules
  • Properties of Matter

Nature Study:

  • Burgess Bird Book
  • Burgess Animal Book
  • Burgess Seashore Book
  • Handbook of Nature Study
  • Various field guides


Core Curriculum:

  • Math U See Alpha
  • Math U See Beta


  • Life of Fred Apples
  • Life of Fred Butterflies


 Independent Reading:

  • Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry
  • Stormy, Misty’s Foal by Marguerite Henry
  • Misty’s Twilight by Marguerite Henry

 *Language Arts


  • Spelling Wisdom by Sonya Shafer, modified by Dianne Craft’s methods


  • Cursive reading and writing of important personal information: name, address, phone, etc.


  • Intermediate Language Lessons, Part 2

 Scripture Study

  • Book  of Mormon

Scripture Memory

  • 13th Article of Faith, Family Proclamation, The Living Christ

 Books of equal or better quality may be substituted at any time for various reasons.

* Required by Missouri State Law


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