Yellowstone at last!

Yellowstone SignWe finally made it to Yellowstone about 3:30 pm.  We had been going strong since 5:30 am…and we still had to find a camping spot – I REFUSE to spend $250 per night for a hotel room in Yellowstone.  There were four campgrounds still available when we got there. As we drove around to find a spot, we stopped to see the sights. And wouldn’t you know it, my camera battery was exhausted right after I took the Yellowstone National Park sign picture.  ARGH!!

The following pictures were taken by JitterBug with her very inexpensive camera…she does good work when the light is good.  The fuzzier pictures are taken as it is getting quite dark, so the quality is less than desired, but at least some one got pictures of our trip. Here are a few highlights:

My beautiful pictureThis pelican put on quite a show for us. He floated down the river, then flew back up, floated down and then flew up again. It was one of the only times we were alone in Yellowstone! lol  

My beautiful pictureThe Dragon’s Mouth Spring Mud Volcano was BittyBug’s favorite spot. She spent the entire time asking if she could go back to see it – and it was our second stop!

My beautiful pictureThese are two black bears that were happily eating and ignoring the gawking group of tourists that were crowing about seeing bears in Yellowstone. We actually saw three – just before we came upon these bears, we had watched a grizzly bear being stalked by a male elk…he was protecting his herd on the other side of the grizzly. 


My beautiful pictureThere were herds of elk sleeping in the resort areas. We had several small groups run in front of the car so we got to see three elk babies. 

We were still driving at midnight…all the campgrounds were full by the time we managed to get to them due to the construction stops and the awed enjoyment of all the amazing things we were seeing. We ended up “sleeping” in the car…listening to the elk calling each other.  Again we were up with the sun…and going by 6am.  We discovered that we were right next to Mammoth Hot Springs, so we explored that before breakfast.

My beautiful pictureIsn’t it beautiful?

My beautiful pictureEmerald Pool

My beautiful pictureThe geysers were so fun! They spout up and just are amazing.  BittyBug loved them. She called them “smokes” and enjoyed hunting for them as we drove.  In the picture above, HorseyBug and JitterBug stand in front of one that went off just after the picture. We were covered in all the hot steam and sulfer water. We smelled like that the rest of the day.  And although we had spent a lot of time enjoying the “smokes”, we decided the kids needed to see Old Faithful since that is what Yellowstone is so well-known about. 


My beautiful pictureJitterBug, BittyBug and LadyBug by the Old Faithful sign.


My beautiful pictureOld Faithful during her show. After it was over, we visited the Gift Shop and the ever important restroom…before starting on the last leg of the journey to my parents via the Grand Teton National Park and Bear Lake in Idaho.


One thought on “Yellowstone at last!

  1. mismymo

    Yellowstone is such a fascinating place. The photos brought back memories of trips I made there. Thanks for sharing your vacation – I have enjoyed all the stops so far! = )


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