Next Stop: Yellowstone! Oh, wait! How about Devils Tower??

That was the conversation in the car between Mr. Bug and I as we were leaving South Dakota. I generally mapped out our destinations, but he had time to study the map while I was taking all the girls to the bathroom (remember Mt. Rushmore??). He gets lots of free time during the bathroom runs. 🙂  He was all excited to go to Devils Tower as he has wanted to go for years. I admit that “time” was pressing on my brain in the back of my head, but decided we were quite close and so agreed that we should go (after all, it was his vacation too! 😉 ).

It was a delightful drive. We saw herds of antelope scattered everywhere. That was fun too! As we went up the road leading to Devils Tower there was another prairie dog colony. JitterBug still hadn’t gotten good enough pictures of one on her camera, so she made us promise that we would return and spend some real time letting her get a good picture.

This is the view of Devils Tower from the Visitor’s Center:

Devils TowerOf course there is a 1.3 (or so) Trail around the base we hiked. It was gorgeous! There were several eagles and other raptors flying around the top, many other birds that we saw but didn’t get good pictures of, deer, and a couple of playful chipmunks.

Devils Tower is considered a sacred place by different Native American tribes. There are many medicine bags and sacred objects hanging in the trees around the trail. Of course, we didn’t touch any, but we also decided that it would be nice of us to show respect of their religion to not take photos of them either. There were lots of them, though, and it prompted JitterBug and I to have some good discussions about what we believe as we hiked around the trail.

On the way up the start of the trail is a huge rock:

Devils Tower Rock

This is one of the views from the trail.

Devils Tower from Trail

At the bottom of a trail was a bench by a water fountain. We decided to celebrate JuneBug’s birthday with some cupcakes before she exploded from having to wait so long. (We bought them when we bought HorseyBug’s cake.)

Devils Tower JuneBug's 6th brithday

She got a small present of prairie dog stuffed animals:


We headed back down the road to the prairie dog colony:

Devils Tower Prairie Dog Colony

I got this shot of one eating. He was about 15-20 feet from the car.

Devils Tower Prairie Dog Eating

This guy was about 5 feet from my car window:

Devils Tower Prairie Dog Up Close

JitterBug was delighted to FINALLY get some good pictures with her camera.

Here is a photo I shot as we were leaving. The sun is shining brightly but is behind the Tower. I love how it turned out, especially since it was my last picture of Devils Tower.

Devils Tower Sun Shining Behind


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