Adventures in South Dakota: 1880 Town

After spending the night in Mitchell SD, we headed west to the Badlands. Along the highway we started seeing signs for the 1880’s Town and it looked interesting. One of the best things about my husband and vacations is that he loves to stop and explore as much as I do…so, of course, we stopped! 😉

1880  Town

It was full of different buildings and had several museums. One of them housed a lot of the props used in making the Kevin Costner film “Dances with Wolves”.

Dances with Wolves teepee

Here is the teepee and other props, including a wolf.

Dances with Wolves supply wagon

HorseyGirl with the Dances with Wolves supply wagon used in the film

1880's cabin

JitterBug was interested in the quilts and hand stitched wall items.

Horse and Buggy

BittyBug wanted to drive everyone to school in the buggy.

1880 Town Schoolhouse

1880 Town Schoolhouse – BittyBug tried to ring the bell, but it took her and JuneBug both to make the bell ring:

Ringing the schoolbell

Pulling hard!

Inside the school…

1880 Town Schoolroom

I must say that the rows of desks look miserable to me now. Once they would have made my heart go pitty-pat, but since seeing the benefits of being comfortable and cozy while learning together, I have a hard time drumming up enthusiasm to want to return to this type of school setup.

Lest you think that we were ignoring our educations while we out and about, here is our nature study specimen found in the middle of town by the boardwalk:


Anyway, the day was winding down, so we decided that we needed to get to the Badlands so we could camp as planned…only to encounter a great rainstorm that blew our tent away as we were setting it up.  Ack!  So we ended up in a Badlands hotel eating pizza instead of roasting hot dogs over a fire!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Adventures in South Dakota: 1880 Town

  1. Connie

    I don’t think you were neglecting your studies at all. Think of all the history that now has a picture memory to put with it! That will stay much longer than just studying about it!

  2. karenspath

    Consider this study about instead of study abroad….. Love the pics of the little bugs trying to ring the bell!


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