A Long Overdue Vacation…

My parents chose to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a Family Reunion in July. As they are living in Utah and we are in Missouri that meant a long drive. We decided to make some family memories along the way…amazingly adding only about 400 miles to our overall mileage! We drove northwest along the Missouri River and visited 10 states along the way.

What an adventure!

One hour from home, JuneBug puked all over the backseat, her booster seat, her clothes and her brand new Strawberry Shortcake coloring book.  YUCK!!

One hour after that, I was hot and sweaty (gross!) but with JuneBug feeling better, we crossed the Missouri River for the first time and kept driving for several hours.

Welcome to Iowa

(Yes, that picture is so bad because we were driving past at a high rate of speed!)

Having promised JitterBug to visit as many states as possible, we again crossed the Missouri River into Nebraska. We found a delightful park in Omaha by the river – this photo is JitterBug and Bitty Bug by the memorial of the paratroopers in the Armed Forces:

Parachutists Memorial

Here  is the bridge spanning the Missouri River in Omaha:

Missouri River, Omaha NB

Sioux City, here we come!!Sioux City Sign


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