We updated the front yard for the spring and we have new babies!

It was time to clean up the front yard and get ready for the warmer weather.  We started by cleaning out the front flower bed and replaced the hostas with bark. It is too hot for the hostas to survive there without the shade of the tree. I still need to get some colorful annuals for the big pots, but here is what it looks like now:

front bench

We have a new wreath over our front door and I added some yellow and salmon colored flowers to pick up the colors from our bench pads. 


The top looks a little smooshed because in the few weeks it’s been there, we noticed that a house finch couple decided that it was time to make a nest so I didn’t want to hurt it.

That’s when I noticed that we have a house finch family living on our front door. (Fortunately they didn’t drown or get blown away in our lovely spring thunderstorm last night!)


As we decided to move to the back yard and work there, we saw more lovely things like these:

yellow iris

Yellow Iris


Purple Iris



And, lest we forget:


The baby kittens we found hidden behind our kiddie swimming pool leaning against the wall.  HorseyBug was in seventh heaven.  These little guys got moved by their mama last night in the storm and we aren’t sure where they are now but they are cute!


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