Our Preschool “Room”

I meant to publish this weeks ago, but haven’t had a chance. So now that this school year is almost over, I will finally share how we managed preschool this year! 🙂


This is our school wall in our house.  It has changed a bit since we moved in – we’ve repainted and added a timeline, cleaned them up to add the new preschool manipulatives (see picture below) and other smaller things.

As many of you know, I have two set of kiddos several years apart. One set is preschool and the other is middle school. This wall is aimed at the middle school aged kids and works great!

I wanted my younger girls to have something that made them feel like they were special and that learning with a real schedule was important for them too.

I had purchased the Letter of the Week download from Confessions of a Homeschooler and printed all the fun cute alphabet letters, numbers, shapes, colors etc.   I wanted to hang them up, but as you can tell, there is no room.

 I knew that we were going to use the coffee table and some small chairs for preschool while the oldest worked on their independent subjects.

So how to get those in a room format for the little kids without taking over our living room???

After a bit of thought, I remembered an old tri-fold foam display board we had in the basement.

Here’s our preschool board:

Preschool Board

We have circle time with this board, saying the pledge, reviewing the alphabet, numbers, color and shape of the week, seasons, days of the week, and a weather chart.

I simply pull this out of the school supply closet every morning, gather the daily supplies for our fun activities, and we sit around the coffee table and have a great time learning and laughing and reading. When we are done, I can fold up the board and put it away and the supplies go back on the school room shelves.

Preschool Supply Shelves

These are the shelves in the school bookcases that hold most of my preschool supplies/manipulatives. This makes grabbing supplies on a moment’s notice so simple.  I have other activities like playdough, wooden blocks, tangrams, and nature study table items stored with other like supplies, and those are in tubs on shelves in easy reach too. The books are in easy access places all over the house.

The fun part of this is that I can have school where ever I feel like it.  The board has become a signal to the girls that it is time for school, making it even easier to involve them in other learning activities  around the kitchen table, too – which is  one of  the best part of homeschooling, after all – the togetherness!


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