Magical Creatures Art Challenge

Our Creative Art Challenge #5 is based on this picture named The Golden Fish by Paul Klee.

Mr. Klee was born in Switzerland in 1879. He was a gifted violinist who could have been professional, but he chose art instead.  He lived and worked in Germany until the 1930’s when the Nazi’s came to power.  In the Nazi’s mindset, modern art was “degenerate” or corrupt and Mr. Klee was forced to return to Switzerland. There he fell ill with a rare disease and died in 1940.

Mr. Klee thought art should be about ideas, beliefs, and feelings. His paintings are filled with strange symbols and fragments designed to suggest other magical worlds.

If you look closely The Golden Fish reflects those symbols.

The Golden Fish by Paul Klee

This painting was created by using both oil paints and watercolors.  The watercolors are see through, which make the oils that much more vivid.

Our Challenge: Create our own Magical Creatures using oil pastels and watercolor paints.

What we used:

Creative Art Challenge #5 Supplies

Supplies Needed:

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paint and brushes


Pencil (if desired)

Oil Pastels

What We Did:

1. Lightly drew pictures and designs with our pencils.


2. Thickly color the pictures and designs with the oil pastels.


3. Mix watercolor paint with water and paint in on the oil pastel picture.

4. Wait for it to dry.

Results are fun and will vary according to your oil pastel and watercolor thickness.

Here is BittyBug and JuneBug showing off their pictures:

Magical Creatures Paintings

Here are JitterBug’s and HorseyBug’s:

Magical Creatures Paintings #2


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