Clown Collage a la Picasso

I’ve never really connected with Pablo Picasso’s work, so wasn’t sure about this week’s Creative Art challenge. After reading a bit about him and some of his works, I can better appreciate his genius. I still wouldn’t decorate my house around one of his paintings 😉 but they are interesting once you know what experience he was sharing in his artworks.  This week’s painting was this one:


Punchinello with a Guitar, 1920

(Photo by WikiPaintings)

Once I understood that this is Punchinello – as in Mr. Punch of the “Punch & Judy” show fame with a guitar, I  could see it and appreciate it since I DO know about Punch and Judy.  Interesting how connections are made from seemingly unrelated bits of information, isn’t it?

Our Creative Art challenge: Make a clown collage to place on a scene that you painted.  (Like Punch is coming out from the curtains in the picture above). 

This project was a lot of fun. The possibilities for this style of artwork are limited only to your imagination (and possibly the scraps of paper or fabrics in your art closet!)

What we used:

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paint in tubes

Water and mixing trays

Watercolor brushes

Painter’s or masking tape

Paper scraps in all colors

Glue sticks

How we did it:

1. Try taping your paper down with painter’s tape.  (We didn’t do that and we wish we had!)

2. Paint a stage or background for your clown.  Let it dry.

3. Cut different shapes out of paper, foil, fabric, etc. that have lots of different patterns and textures.

Clown Collage - Cutting Shapes

We cut:

2 long triangles for legs

two medium triangles for arms

4 small triangles for hands and feet

a small half circle for a face,

a large half circle for a hat

a cone shape for the top of the hat

an uneven 4 sided shape for a body

a ruff for the clown outfit

shapes for juggling (if desired)

4. Glue pieces onto the dry painted stages.  Be creative and expressive!  JitterBug suprised me! She painted a tightrope and spotlight and then glued her clown “performing” on it.  Check it out:

JitterBug's Clown Collage

JitterBug’s Clown Collage

Here are the other girls pictures:

HorseyBug's Clown Collage

HorseyBug’s Clown Collage

JuneBug's Clown Collage

JuneBug’s Clown Collage

BittyBug's Clown Collage

BittyBug’s Clown Collage


3 thoughts on “Clown Collage a la Picasso

  1. Happily Occupied Homebodies

    You’re girls did such a great job!! I love seeing their artwork! P.S. I grew up in a family of four girls, too. We had “big girls” (2 yrs. apart) and “little girls” (5 years younger, then 2 yrs. apart also). Your family reminds me of my sisters and me. 🙂

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    That makes me smile. Both sets are 15 months apart…not sure how that worked out so well. 😉 But they are all best friends so it is great!!


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