A Story of POP Goes the Weasel

Ray Home, Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Ray Home – Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Republic MO

We had a checkup for JuneBug’s eye surgery and we always schedule them early in the morning so we have time to do field trips for school.  Since it is National Park Week, I knew that we could get in free and have lots of additional educational experiences (thanks, Lynn) – and it is spring, meaning LOVELY temperatures for hiking and sightseeing, we decided to go to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield again.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is the site of the first battle of the Civil War in Missouri.  It took place on the land of the Ray family, including the cornfield the armies had camped in and finally fought in. This battle was witnessed from the front porch of their home by Mr. Ray. Everyone else had to hid in the dugout cellar under the home for the 6 hours of the battle. Since cannons were involved, I can’t imagine how horrifying that was!

There were extra experiences set up and we got to see the surgical tools the doctors used in those days (YIKES!) and talk for a long time to the Ranger in the home of the Ray’s.  JitterBug was in charge of the camera again while I was piggy-backing HorseyBug around (she wasn’t feeling well enough to walk the mile paths we accumulated so I carried her – I was quite impressed with myself 😉 since she’s almost as tall as me).   Anyway – JitterBug got this shot and I was glad because I learned about weasels and monkeys and that song!!

Spinning Wheel and Weasel

 Mrs. Ray’s Spinning Wheel and Weasel

The little stand to the right of the spinning wheel is a yarn measuring device called a weasel. You wind a string of yarn around it and when it reaches the length required for a skein it POPS! to let the person winding it know it is done. The person winding it is called a monkey…Aha!

Now the lyrics to the song make a little more sense to me!! =)


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