Another Reason I Love Homeschooling

Little Home Hospital Room =)

This is our living room area right now. It is full of mattresses brought upstairs and placed on the floor. Not your typical living room, huh?

I mentioned in my Pop Goes the Weasel post about HorseyBug not feeling well enough to hike, so I piggy-backed her around the park.  Well…

I knew that she was congested and we were doing everything to prevent the congestion from settling, but lost the battle.  Yesterday she and I made a flying trip to the doctors office when I noticed her very rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing – and listening to her lungs on her back, I could hear the wheezing sound – only this time in her left lung!! It’s never been there before.  Just as I suspected, she has a full-blown case of pneumonia AGAIN!

The doctor (our doctor’s partner) was about to admit her to the hospital because she was pretty bad off. Her hands were purple so he decided to do a stat scan and thankfully her oxygen levels were up just enough that he decided that we could aggressively treat it at home.  She was SO relieved (me, too!).

After getting 4 prescriptions and a shot of antibiotics (she was so tough about that shot – but it was a shot or the hospital and an IV – what a choice!), HorseyBug was allowed to come home.  She is to have breathing treatments and the vest several times a day, plus more oral antibiotics.  She is too tired to climb the stairs and I am too experienced with this to want her that far away from me.  However, she is too tall to turn the love seat into an actual bed. So Mr. Bug kindly carried up her mattress (and JitterBug’s too because she doesn’t want to sleep in the basement alone, lol) and we made her a little hospital room upstairs where I can hear her, help her, and she can stretch out, sleep and heal. Her morning routine starts with a session on the vest with a breathing treatment, and watching an episode of the old Zorro shows from the 1950’s. (The vest sessions are 30 minutes long, 3 times a day.)

Getting Treatments

So what does this have to do with homeschool? This is one of the most compelling reasons of why we are homeschooling. She was sick enough to miss 7 weeks of each school year she was in public school.

The blessing (and one of the Tender Mercies of the Lord) is that because we homeschool, I can easily adjust her schedule to these times.  She can lay with her eyes closed and listen to the audio books – we have audio books for scripture, history, science, literature, music, and Shakespeare.  She can  do a picture study, composer study, and practice her memory work.  We watch nature DVDs and historical movies. (I did put math on hold…)  She rests in a comfortable bed, snoozes when she needs, gets her medical care, and we still can manage to progress in school – all in the safety and comfort of her own home.

How cool is that?


3 thoughts on “Another Reason I Love Homeschooling

  1. karenspath

    I wish she didn’t have to go through this again. We’ll start praying for her again. Maybe I’ll drag my mattress out to the living room to watch a little tv too. It has to be more comfy than the couch!

  2. mismymo

    Another tender mercy is that you didn’t have to find someone to come stay with all the other little bugs while you were at the hospital (since Grandma Bug isn’t close by). Everyone in the family can help HorseyBug feel loved and safe while she recovers and you don’t have the added stress of worrying about the ones at home.


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