Canning Meat Makes Sense!!

Home-canned chicken

Home-canned chicken

A couple of years ago, my sister mentioned that her Relief Society was having a class on canning meat.  I was interested and a little leery about it being safe.  Like our ancestors didn’t do it, right?  So I decided to try it with chicken and beef and have continued with the practice.

I love it.

I know the ingredients (store canned meat uses fillers and starches), I know my recipes, I know that the meat will still be good even if the power goes out (unlike my frozen foods), and it tastes great.

I love saving money and I LOVE the convenience of having it ready when I need it quickly.

 I use it to make enchiladas, BBQ meat, chicken salad, soups, and casseroles.

This week I decided I needed to get on the ball and get our supplies back up.

I canned 19 pints of chicken breast and 4 pints of beef.

Home-Canned Beef

Home-Canned Beef

I used trim cuts of beef, but there is still fat sitting at the top.  I simply open the jar, throw away the fat, drain the meat juices (save it for soup base) and use the meat in my recipes.


2 thoughts on “Canning Meat Makes Sense!!

  1. karenspath

    I discovered that you can buy meats in bulk from grocery wholesale companies… this can really help out with making home canned meats even cheaper! One of these days I’m going to can 40 lbs of chicken…. I’m so glad you can bless your family with this skill!


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