I LOVE General Conference!

Can I just say that again??

I LOVE General Conference! Every six months, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints meet all over the world meet together to listen and learn the gospel.

Every conference is better than the last… I am so inspired, uplifted, encouraged, spiritually nourished, enriched, enlightened and full of comfort and peace every time I participate in these amazing meetings!

The Spirit is so strong, my questions (known and unknown by me) are answered, and I feel ready to face the challenges of being a Christian in the last days again.

I cannot choose a favorite talk yet! They were all so good! But several that really spoke to my heart were these – I am not sure of the actual titles of them yet, so I gave the general topic of the talk as names (click to view them):

On Families:

Strengthening a Marriage for Eternity by L. Whitney Clayton

Enriching Our Relationships with Our Children by Rosemary M. Wixom

Why the Law of Chastity Is So Vital and Relevant Today  by Elder David A. Bednar

On Jesus Christ:

A Christ Centered Home by Elder Jeffery R. Holland

Come Follow Me by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Our Redeemer by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Draw Near Unto Me – By President Henry B. Eyring

On Faith:

Come Into the Light of God – by President Dieter E. Uchtdorf

On Obedience:

Finding the Truth Through Obedience – by President Thomas S. Monson  (loved the story of the matches and learning the lesson of obedience)

As Conference ended and President Monson was bearing witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ and his mission as his living prophet on the earth, my heart was so full of the Spirit bearing witness to my soul that he is indeed a living prophet. How thankful I am that the Lord in His infinite wisdom and loving compassion has provided a way for all of us on this earth to hear, to read and to know of Him, of the Plan of Salvation, and of His saving grace.


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