Starry Night


For our creative art on Fridays, we currently use The Usborne Art Treasury – it is full of pictures, paintings, and projects.  I like it since it uses artists that we have studied, plus introduces us to new ones.  Best of all, it gives me some quick inexpensive ways to expose my girls to many different mediums and methods of art.


We recently did the Starry Night experience by van Gogh.  We read the information in the book about this painting and his style, which is very distinctive with its colors and thick paint with ridges in it, then set up a little art studio on the bar:


Using the canvas pad pictured, everyone drew a picture to paint.

When that was done, we measured our acrylic paint into the black foam trays and mixed it with craft glue.  


Then as they painted their pictures, they used various tools such as plastic forks to create their own “Starry Night” impressions.

They were all so excited!

Here they are after the paintings dried:



2 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. lynn

    What a great project! The girls made lovely art. We will begin studying Van Gogh in March and will use this as a project. It would be a good project for this week’s Creative Learning if you would like to share it.


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