Wooden Pattern Blocks

Using Wooden Pattern Blocks to teach math concepts to our kiddos ranging in age from Pre-K to 6th grade has really helped make math lessons colorful, simple and fun.

I read about Erica’s AlphaPatternBlocks at confessionsofahomeschooler.com and was interested enough to start poking around eBay and Amazon – a tub of 250 blocks costs $20-26 a tub, plus the cards.  I decided that I needed other things more than these money-wise so I quit thinking about them.  Fortunately, Mr. Bug had noticed me watching the prices and surprised me one day when he came home from work.  He’d found some for me at an antique mall!!


This whole tub of blocks only cost us $10.00 total.  

So then I was wondering how to get some pattern cards (those aren’t really cheap, either!) – but we had the blocks, so I ordered some from Amazon.

Poking around on the internet one Saturday, I found several wonderful sites with fun free pattern cards.  As I was printing off the free ones that Saturday, JuneBug and BittyBug found me in the office.  This is a picture of them sitting on the floor under my chair, creating as fast as I could get them off the printer:


(did I mention that I was working right there in that very spot!?? 🙂 )

Here’s what we ended up with:


The patterns in the back came from Amazon.  They contain teaching ideas and blank challenge cards for the upper elementary grades. The one laying flat were free printables from these sites:

prekinders.com  (she has Christmas ones, too)

confessionsofahomeschooler.com  (she has both pattern and alphabet cards)

I laminated them all and have them in a container that stacks up on top of the block tub.  It stores well and is easily accessible since we use these 2-3 times a week.


My older kiddos like to make the patterns while they listen to our literature read-alouds.  My little kiddos just like them when ever I get them out.

Skills practiced or learned from these blocks and cards:

Colors and shapes



 exploring symmetry

create colorful designs

practice linear and area measurements


fine motor skill control


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