Weekly Review 2-1-13

Wow! I got seriously behind in the blogging of our weeks – but fear not – we have been working hard all along!

We had a great week, and I wanted to share some highlights:

5 picture books that we have re-read multiple times:

We have enjoyed these ones so much that I ordered them all for our personal library.  The artwork in all of them are wonderful.  Brian Pinkney’s “Ugly Duckling” won the Caldecott Award, and rightly so.  I fell in love with his illustrations!

Preschool is fun!  We learned so many fun things and use so many senses to do it!  I finally figured out a schedule that allows us to use all the cool things that we have acquired for this age group – and so, once a week we have a flannelboard story on Wednesday.  HUGE hit!  On Thursday, JuneBug asked me for the board and pieces so she could tell the story:


Nature Walk/Study times were interesting this week due to our transient weather patterns.  On Tuesday we wore light jackets and managed to get our feet wet in the creek and play on the playground.  We also noticed a house that about 10 male cardinals in the backyard.  But on Friday – the coldest day in 2 years (per the weather man) – we had ice an inch thick on the creek. This is why I insisted that we go…they need to see how it works for themselves…and it was soooo funny!

BittyBug LOVES to throw rocks in the creek and make the water splash.  So she grabs the biggest rock she could find and heaved it….only to watch it bounce and slide across the water that she can to the bottom of…there was a shocked look and a “HUH??” grunt.  It was pretty priceless!

We then explored the waterfalls and saw the water moving under the ice, the icicles, the thickness of the ice, how air can get trapped under the ice with no where to go, and how a magnificent rainbow can live in the cracks in the ice.  Amazing all the lessons we observed simply by going outside in the cold!!

We also started Shakepeare’s The Comedy of Errors.  We listened to the story from “Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children” by E. Nesbitt.  Next week we will listen to the Lamb’s version and the week after we will start reading it ourselves.

JitterBug and HorseyBug are enjoying how many times a day they can use their Kindles.  We use them for multiple subjects and it is fun to watch them get used to them…since we haven’t had a lot of electronic gadgets to use.  JitterBug started an online typing class  and thinks that it is fun.

We continue our studies in all areas, enjoying Ancient Greece now, and loving being together.  I can count on one hand the number of movies we have watched all week – and even less are the numbers of movies requested.  And the movies they want to watch?  Narnia.  I’m okay with that. 😉

What were some highlights of your week?


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