ASL Sign Practice Box

As one of our foreign languages, we have chosen to learn American Sign Language.  It is practical since we see deaf people frequently and we have a friend who is deaf.  Another plus is that a lady at church is pretty fluent and has agreed to help us with lessons.

In one of our lessons, she recommended that we get online and look at  Being an obedient student 😉 I checked it out.  You can review the signs online and watch a class with the teacher and a student so you can learn the correct way to sign.  You can review online and keep track of your progress too.  We have used it several times.


One of the best resources we have found to help us move forward in a meaningful way were these FREE ASLU Class Lessons.  I printed the worksheets out for me and spiral bound them.  They give us a format to follow, some stories to practice our signs with, and even some review cards. That was exciting to me!  I know what to do with paper, lol. In reality, trying to sit us all around the computer is hard (man, I really want an iPad!).

So I set up a box for those review cards similar to our Scripture Memory Box:

  • Get an index card box from Walmart.
  • Get some tab dividers (I used the left-over ones from my Scripture Memory Box).
  • Label the tabs 1-15
  • Print the free practice cards and cut them apart.
  • Placed each lesson’s cards behind the appropriate tabs.

In about 15 minutes a day we can review all the signs we learned so we won’t forget them and start using them in stories.  That helps us to translate and get faster at reading and signing.

How do you practice your foreign language?



3 thoughts on “ASL Sign Practice Box

  1. Angela Modisett

    Love this idea for a sign language club I’m starting at my daughter’s intermediate school. What worksheets did you put in your spiral book? I went to the sight but didn’t see any specific worksheets.

  2. Juliann Caveny

    Thanks! I printed and modified even the other levels so that I could have them all in booklet form as well as notecards. Great idea!


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