Looking forward to more Tender Mercies

Happy New Year, 2013!

It seems unreal that it has been a full year since I started blogging and sharing things that are important to me.  I went back through my posts to kind of see how we have progressed since I started this venture with my first post about the Tender Mercies of the Lord.  Somehow, while you are in the midst of the trials and joys of life, you don’t really see how your blessings keep growing and growing until you look back.

For some reason this year, I have really missed my little sister who passed away a few years ago.  She was a sweetie – with a mile wide stubborn streak and an equally wide loving streak.  But, oh, how she blessed our lives.  I can look a person with Down’s Syndrome now and my heart melts, but I don’t feel the same need to cry.  But I have thought a lot about her and wished that we could share things together.

 I also miss my big brother. He passed away about 15 months ago, and it is still a little fresher than I expect sometimes.  He loved Christmas – he had a Santa hat that he wore constantly during December.  I can see him in my mind’s eye plain as day with that hat on.  About 10 days ago I was coming home from the grocery store and was at stop light.  I glanced around at the other drivers waiting their turns.  To my complete shock, I saw a truck the same color as my brother’s and the gentleman inside was wearing a Santa hat.  All of a sudden my eyes were blurring and I was trying to drive safely.  It is those moments that remind me so completely that we are missing a few members of our family!!

During 2012, we experienced many tender mercies including these:

  • I actually started and maintained (sort of!) a blog – I’d wanted to do that for a while
  • We have been blessed to share more time with my brother’s wife.  She is an amazing soul.  She has completely put her trust in the Lord, and she is a rock!
  • I was able to attend an APD class that taught me the Lord IS in control and knows my needs and my children’s needs – Charlotte Mason methods are the best thing I can use to help my sweet daughters with APD
  • JuneBug was tested for Neurofibromatosis, heart murmurs, and hearing – she received a normal, healthy child diagnosis in all of them
  • JitterBug joined the Young Women group and has had several chances to strengthen her testimony and set a good example
  • We bought a bigger house with more space (and seem to have so much more junk!)
  • We have read a lot of books and learned so much this last year
  • I had the opportunity to serve some older members of our church in the last weeks of their lives – and it is such a joy.
  • We finished the Book of Mormon as a family, started it over, and continue to read and study the Old Testament as well.

There are so many blessings!  I look forward to more Tender Mercies in 2013!


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